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Dark Math and the Vanishing of Zero

Some bits of Facebook conversations that I have been waiting to have about math. I don’t claim to be even a little bit competent as a mathematician, but I do feel like there is a chance that these ideas might just happen to be so absurd that they are profound. Among these ideas has been the consequences of making zero disappear, and redefining the number one so that it is the container of mathematics itself.

There was another idea that I proposed today of “Dark Math”. I asked the question “Does math have a language/theory to represent its own opposite (independent of consciousness even, just like imaginary numbers, but imaginary anti-math instead)?”

If we turn Incompleteness around, for example, we get something like intuition. Any informal-non-system contains unanticipated reflections of formality..surprising quasi-truthful insights from out of thin air, like an oracle. If we turn Church-Turing around, we get non-universal, non-machines = unique individuals. My suspicion is that such a language would help define or model previously undefinable phenomenological conditions. Anti-numbers, (names which are intrinsically semi-proprietary?), Anti-operators (metaphorical and synchronistic?)

Then the zero idea came up again…

OH: A complex number z is said to be purely imaginary. If it has no real part, i.e., R[z] = 0. The term is often used in preference to the simpler “imaginary” in situations where z can in general assume complex values with nonzero real parts, but in a particular case of interest, the real part is identically zero. 0 is a pure imaginary number .

S33: If the part is identically zero, but zero is entirely imaginary, does that mean that its identicality is also imaginary? If we carry through the idea that 0 is imaginary, then any time we qualify something as being ‘not’ we are being figurative, and the reality would always be some infinitessimal fragment. Not would literally be ‘almost not’.

OH: http://mathworld.wolfram.com/IdenticallyZero.html

S33: But what I’m proposing is that vanishing itself is identically zero, then vanishing may be infinitesimally figurative. Nothing can vanish completely in reality, even the difference between A and A.

Can zero be said then to be ‘that which is not anything, *not even itself*. When we apply this to ontology (and I think we should) it means we must accept that nothing has vanished. What happens instead is that things nearly vanish from some set of perspectives. The gap between nearly vanishing and vanishing is entropy. Entropy is how perception compensates, fudges, fills in, etc so that what is for all practical purposes absent (i.e. the past) becomes elided or removed. Even the removal is not total, not real, its just a delay. Eventually all that has been denied must be revealed as unvanished from some perspective or encounter.

The reverse of this entropic clipping of the infinitesimally unvanished would be what I call significance. An augmentation of sensitivity or motive so that a near-vanished experience is encountered first as fiction. In other words, entropy makes things seem to disappear (like the past, coherence, certainty, etc) which really haven’t, and significance makes things seem to appear, but also significance increases the quality of ‘thingness’ beyond the thing. You could say that entropy masks presence to the point of near absence, and significance stretches near-absence to the point of re-presence.

  1. John
    October 8, 2015 at 4:20 am

    I have been recently looking around for puzzle pieces to a few hypothesis to theories I have been playing with. I think you make some interesting concepts have substance. In regards to your zero dilemma have you looked into the zeroth dimension string? There are many concepts coming together on this zero phenomena, but is what really interests me is the dark math concepts. I have a few dark math ideas im putting into a paper and was interested in collaboration as I may want to use a part of some of your statements with it.

    ” I asked the question “Does math have a language/theory to represent its own opposite (independent of consciousness even, just like imaginary numbers, but imaginary anti-math instead)?””

    I propose that is what you are implying is in a ‘string’ of math. Not a subject but a sub space of mathematic content, used as a tangent to current mathematic axioms. Will our current mathematical notation always suffice?

    • October 8, 2015 at 11:17 am

      That’s great, very interesting. Sure I’d be be happy to collaborate/contribute if I can. I’ll have to read up on math ‘strings’, but is it similar to how ‘strings’ are treated in programming? I could imagine it that way, with strings being the set of characters in between the quotes which are treated as like extra-mathematical bubbles in the logic of the program. The relation of the program logic to the content of the strings is actually a good way for math-minded people to get a taste of the issues with qualia. The content of strings can be though of as ‘zombies’, as far as being reduced to syntax that has no intrinsic semantic value.

  2. Aprilfloyd
    November 4, 2021 at 11:26 pm

    When you were talking about zero not being real and it has zero meaning I am mentally made a 0 in my head and then a negative sign in the middle and then saying that it’s not real I put a slash through it like the symbol for (not ) or (no) and the mental picture i got is the Earth on its axis tripped out it just came to me I’m not as educated as done but things link differently in my mind for some reason I thought I’d share but u guys probably thought of it already.

    • November 5, 2021 at 12:35 pm

      Thanks, I hadn’t thought of that but it could kind of make sense to me that the idea that zero isn’t real could be part of a shift in understanding on Earth away from scarcity.

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