Perceptual Inertial Frame (PIF)

Perceptual Inertial Frame (PIF) – In practice, this concept is similar to other philosophical concepts such as lebenswelt, umwelt, or niche in that it refers to the world as it is experienced by some subject. The perceptual inertial frame of a child is different from that of an adult, as would any age or social position have its own set of stereotypical qualities. Eigenmorphism describes how dissimilarity by scale, morphology, or history is a determining factor in how any given PIF presents every other PIF. This is roughly analogous to how optics can predict the anamorphic reflection of a reflective cylinder or the distortion of a fisheye lens. Tying in occasions of perception to the physics concept of inertial frames, the PIF model provides a framework for connecting universal and physical ontology to local experiential scope and quality, and it provides a possible scientific basis to investigate that connection further. See also eigenmorphism, solitrophy.

  1. Mr D
    November 6, 2015 at 7:54 am

    Some time ago, the thought on how the quantum reality and our perceptive reality relate began stirring in my mind. I could go into depth about my interest in this “unification” of some sort, but I want to begin the real reason of comment outside of spreading my own thoughts on the matter.

    I’m currently a third year undergraduate student who started out of high school. With that being said, I’m young and I pushed these thoughts aside every now and then as I have other stuff on my plate, and also importantly there have been no breakthrough physical studies/research. So, I let it go and come back to me in another form as something that would provoke the thought. It makes sense as I did prime myself to be more aware of phenomena related to it with just the initial thought alone. As time’s gone by, new ways would always present itself in whatever I desired to read, watch, or listen to.
    Recently, I’ve been asking questions after recently being aware of what inertial frames are in any type of classical physics (Newtownian) to relativity. Questions anyone would first ask, “what is an inertial frame?”. As the understanding incrementally increased, I just recently pondered, “what about a conscious reference frame?” And came across your site. From the beginning of your most recent post, I was already able to tell you share a very similar thought.
    My main purpose is to ask whether or not you have influential cited research backing up your connections, do you have connections to people able to conduct experiments/conduct your own research? I have aspirations of medical school and psychiatry, and if I can’t partake in any studies and help in research, I will attempt to do it myself when capable.

    • November 13, 2015 at 11:22 pm

      Thanks, sorry I just saw this now. Unfortunately outside of some presentations that I have made here and there, I’m not professionally connected at all. My path has been to pursue these ideas independently rather than struggle within the current conditions of academia. It has its benefits but also is frustrating. The only research that I have is what I gather from reading. I try to keep track of some of the more handy articles here:

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