Causation Diagram

Unlike traditional causation models, Multisense Realism posits a radiant locus (‘here and now’) divided into upper and lower sense shells. The blue and yellow connote the mirroring of the shells, signifying that subjective and objective modalities are not merely different but ontologically opposite:

Yellow: Interior significance (doing*being)(timespace)
Blue: Exterior entropy (matter/energy)/spacetime

In the lower yellow shells, the subjective experience of ‘now’ (M1) is the most immediate and personal Mental cause (M). Through each successive step down and out from the immediate significance of the moment, causality becomes increasingly impersonal and difficult to control.  The effectiveness of personal intentionality degenerates toward its maximum, which would be a complete non-attachment and unity with nature. The transition from the most intimate level of privacy to the most evacuated level is speculated here to follow some kind of logarithmic decoherence, or following the Fibonacci sequence to divide the attention of the self as it merges with eternity.

The blue upper half, by contrast, depicts the counterpart to M1 as ΣP, or the sum of all physical presences local to through M1. Note that physical presences (P) are understood to be the ‘back end’ of mental presentations (M), i.e. a better symbol for physical presentations here might be shaped like a W to mirror M.

In the blue half of the diagram, the shells represent a different kind of decoherence – material obstruction and scale incongruity.  Beginning from the outside at P1 (the Big Bang) and proliferating into more and more granular forms. The spread between the cosmic and the microcosmic pushes out from the middle, creating more shells in between the ΣP and the P1 which remain fixed.

Multisense Realism and UPP potentially do away with concepts such as dark matter, dark energy, particle-waves, uncertainty, vacuum energy, as well as consciousness as epiphenomenon. What is gained is a re-inclusion of common sense notions of feeling, free will, the self, significance, value, teleology, and the potential for a new cosmology based on a Big Diffraction rather than a Big Bang.


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