Is There Nothing That Is Senseless?

Do you think that there is NO senseless primordial noise-stuff (i.e. primordial stuff that doesn’t have what it takes to make it into the very small subset of noumenal primordial stuff?

Since I use sense as the primordial identity, I don’t see any primordial stuff, but instead a primordial capacity. Instead of a primordial movie screen or pixels, I see a primordial story telling which first tells the stories of tessellation and nested cycles – between now and forever, between audience and director, theater and camera, etc.

What that means as far as answering your question is that every perceptual experience is embossed (metaphorically) into the totality of perceptual experience, so that within any given experience, all that is unembossed appears necessarily in degrees of entropy. Noise is insensitivity, or rather over sensitivity to irrelevant or incomplete pieces to other puzzles which are not our own. Sometimes, by listening to noise, we can make those puzzles our own.

Everyone has different pieces to different puzzles, so that intention and circumstance actually produce the changes in the universe which, as humans, we know as technology, but is experienced on every level as what I call Solitrophy – the intentional and unintentional building of significance in defiance of entropy. Evolution is the shadow of Solitrophy, since it excludes the private half of physics where aesthetic qualities shape public quantitative properties.

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