Multisense Continuum

Multisense Continuum – Refers to the continuum depicted in the graphic mural and diagrams below. the proposed continuum is a spectrum to contain every category of phenomena in a sensible order. The idea is to apply the spectrum of human psychology known as the Empathizing-Systemizing or Autistic-Psychotic spectrum as a local example of a larger universal spectrum which encompasses all possible phenomena.

Ideally, the continuum would be projected as a sphere, as the far Eastern and far Western edges meet (here named the Profound Meridian), as would the top and bottom (Tropic of Mereology). The center line which splits subjective from objective qualities is named the Meridian of Perception and should be though of as being like a figure eight twist (like a Klein Bottle or Mobius Strip, aka non-orientable or involuted surface).



aSlide46 3spacetimesignificance3STSwire fig8


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