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On Wavicles

June 16, 2018 Leave a comment

Is material reality made up of particles or waves or both?

I think that the truth is that we’ve got it wrong. The universe is an experiential phenomenon that transcends realism, so it cannot be reduced to geometry. When we do reduce it to geometry in our interpretation, we get the geometric equivalent of an imaginary number. We get an impossible contradiction of diametrically opposed shapes…points in a void or ‘waves’ of energetic nothingness.

Combined with clues like special relativity, quantum contextuality, and Gödel’s incompleteness, I think it should be almost obvious that nature is answering the question of what matter is made of by demonstrating that the question cannot be answered in that way. It is like trying to look for parts of a rainbow inside the water vapor of clouds.


October 18, 2017 Leave a comment

When we say ‘life’ we conflate two different phenomena. The meaningful phenomenon is the experience of mortality – feeling contrasting qualities of experience such as thriving and struggling, desperation and mastery related to being invested in a physical form that grows, reproduces, and dies.

The other phenomenon is biology, which is simply the tendency for material substances to accumulate in ways which metabolize as growing, reproducing objects (molecules, cells, bodies).

The first phenomenon is an elaboration of consciousness. Mortality enriches the qualities of experience tremendously, allowing for much more intensity of sensation and immersion. When you think that any moment could be your last, you are very motivated to pay attention.

In my view, the second phenomenon is basically a reflection of pre-biotic (immortal) consciousness which has been truncated into tactile-visible object sensations for the purpose of creating a stage upon which the drama of mortality can be acted out. Matter is life before biology, operating at perceptual sampling rates much faster and much slower than animal consciousness.

Metanoia: A New Vision of Nature

December 23, 2013 2 comments

It’s great to hear someone make liberal use of the words ‘sensible’ and ‘sense making’ in describing nature. I like the point that he makes about simulations of evolution improve when the software and hardware improves. He seems to share my view that ‘the universe has to make sense before we can make sense of it’. He even hints at what I call eigenmorphism in saying that “if we only focus on the random changes in the code underlying a virtual organism, we will only see chance at work, whereas if we focus on the entire system, we will see intelligence at work.” 23:30

I would disagree with the idea that ‘consciousness’ evolves, unless we are using that word to mean ‘the set of hypertrophied human psychological traits’. Also I use ‘pansensitivity’ rather than ‘natural intelligence’ because I think that the foundation of nature is semi- rather than fully teleological. Intelligence to me implies a cognitive sensibility of intentional learning, where I would attribute the morphological consequences of evolution to sensual responsiveness. I doubt that sea slug is engrossed in aloof deliberation about when the most judicious time to squirt ink all over the place, I would be more inclined to assume that the gap between intuition and urge is much thinner than in our own human experience. Intelligence seems to me a state which arises out of the midrange between the sub-personal desires and the super-personal hunches. Intelligence puts the brakes on the excesses of both ranges, but evolution itself seems to have no such restraint.

These are minor differences though, overall, great stuff, impressive production – check it out.

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