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A Couple of Physics Clips

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Great short video that fits into the Twins Paradox. If we imagine that which ever set of particles seems to be moving is a small clock or calendar which seems to be slowing, then it helps me make my point about elapsed time not being elastic. For the cat aligned with the electrons, time always passes normally, but for the cat, the positively charged clocks are slowing down as the repulsive force increases and the motion of the particles in space speed up.

This helps me get an intuitive feel for what is supposed to be going on also. This idea of motion being sticky, so that the greater the ratio between your velocities (not just acceleration), the harder that ratio pulls on time…time in the remote frame of reference is tightening up as the spatiotemporal balance tips from temporal equality to spatial inequality.

The paradox is that, as we see, the tightening of time goes both ways, so that for the cat, it is already June but the wire’s calendar says April. For the wire, it is June and the cat’s calendar says April instead. When these two come together, I don’t see how the time difference would be undone, since the untightening of time would not jump ahead and recover elapsed time, it would only return to parity with the other frame of reference.

No account of the Twins Paradox mentions this though, and they all focus on just one of the two reference frames. The twin who comes back to Earth is younger than the one who stayed home. To me that is true only from the Earth twin’s perspective. From the space twin’s perspective, he returns to a relatively younger Earth than he would expect without relativity and a twin who is younger than he is.

I like these better than the other gee-whiz-science or physics videos that I’ve seen. I still have no reason to doubt my view that the whole standard model needs to be re-interpreted so that it bends into virtuality toward the bottom. There should be a new kind of relativity, where the realism of the phenomenon – its publicity, is a relativistic vector rather than a flat axiom. I would like to see a video which focus exclusively on exactly how we are measuring subatomic phenomena with the same level of infinitesimal detail.

This is what science cares about, right? “What is REALLY REAL?”…so, give reality a number, and notice how unreal quarks gluon flux is compared to protons, and how unreal protons are to molecules. Then notice how quarks are real to each other, but not to molecules, etc. This is, in my opinion, what the universe is made of: Not the mathematical invariance which cuts across all frames of reference, but the aesthetic variance of the frames themselves – experience is really real, on every frame of reference, except when the expectations of one frame are projected onto another.

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