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On 0.999… being equal to 1

We can revise our understanding of numbers such that each number is not a noun but a verb. The numerical value comes not from the digitization, which is only a snapshot representation, but from the act of counting. In other words, quantitative value may ultimately require a direction of flow. In this case, the “…” refers to a positive direction of flow that is unbounded so that it must be considered identical to the value that it reaches by its own definition.

All numbers are parts of a continuum and therefore always ‘almost’ the previous and successor numbers just as orange is defined as the color between almost red and almost yellow.
One interesting possibility from making this fundamental shift is that zero could be understood as an imaginary number between two real numbers “-0.000…1” and “0.000…1”.

Once we have that, we no longer need to see numbers as digital entities added on top of nothingness, but as diffraction bands breaking the continuity of a fluid spectrum of ‘everythingness’. Numbers do not connect to form wholes, they break wholes into parts. This has enormous consequences for our understanding of existence, consciousness, and AI.


  1. Ian Flett
    June 21, 2020 at 12:28 am

    That’s a very important observation. The way numbers are taught as objective entities with somewhat magical properties (implicit in numerology) misleads us and culminates in the paradoxical concept of infinity as a place along a number line. There is simply a recursive process of adding one (cycle) along a dimension, meaning that infinity can never be “arrived at” and therefore becomes meaningless as a quantity. It’s the incremento ad absurdum of the commonly comprehended number line.

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