A quick and dirty key:

it’s an attempt at map of everything (a cosmogony?)

Starting with the I (right hand or far Eastern side). I is just regular old I. The local, personal self.

Above and below the I are Cogitans and Empatha, so thinking and feeling.

Above Cogitans is Sapientia: Wisdom. I could have gone with “Ari” or transpersonal, or mytho-poetic, psyche, etc. It’s reaching toward the zenith (Arcana) – the truth, the secret mysteries, God/Tao/Absolute, etc.

Below Empatha is Viscera: Visceral Sub-Personal urges and impulses. Freud called the Id. Cthonic influences.

Abstracta is pure, but meaningless logic. Quantitative relations. The unnatural.

Machina is the collapse into automaticity. It’s computation and mechanism.

Extensa is intended in more or less the same sense as the Cartesian Res Extensa – extended things, classical mechanics, Newtonian physics of matter and chemistry. It’s about 3D structures and their relations (space)

The Far Western/Left hand point is “Am”
This is the realm of the object perspective. When read left to right you get “Am I?” and from right to left “I am”.

Tempus is time as frequency of experienced events…their rise and fall and partial recycling. The machine’s fuel.

Scientia is Science, or Knowledge. The Western gnosis from the outside in. Theory and progress of civilization. The Eastern version, the Sapientia, is life wisdom…the wisdom of direct experience accumulated as inspiring ideas.

Final image tweak:


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