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Nested Pansensitivity Interpretation




Here is an early sketch of the basic concepts of the sense-based physics in Multisense Realism (MSR). The aspects of MSR that deal with elemental conditions now fall under the heading “Nested Pansensitivity Interpretation (NPI)”. This is intended to pre-figure quantum theory, and is also referred to as quorum mechanics or post-particle physics. It is a general systems concept, so that it can apply to events on any scale, not just microphysical. The simple gifs are intended only as a metaphor – not as literal physical particles or functions. The rising bar of sense could refer to light, sound, emotion, a story unfolding, etc. It’s about the meta-ontology through which metaphysical expectations such as cycles and events arise.

In the top gif, the relation of sense, motive, effort, and effect is shown. Sense, being the primordial resource, is represented by this oscillation of light and dark, but it should be noted that this refers to the appreciation of feeling or sensing, not a literal mechanism which oscillates. Primordial pansensitivity must pre-figure time, cycles, identification of light and dark, etc.  All of those tropes of sense (symmetry, opposites, etc) are types of significance (as shown in the second gif).

In the top gif, the center circle is nested within a concentric ellipse to denote one of what I suspect are the most primitive types of significance – the distinction between interiority and exteriority.  As sense builds to a peak, it can become focused as a motive. We have countless motives within and at the fringes of our awareness as human beings, but what is being shown here is a conjecture about the nature of any part of the universe, even in the complete absence of human beings, biological life, and physical matter. I use the Omega symbol (Ω) for Motive because a) it’s cool, and b) it references exteriority and teleology obliquely, being that it is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. Motive is the part of sense which is targeted for action. The symbol itself obliquely references exteriority as well, appearing as a breached circle or as a white bulb emerging. Using the minus Aleph symbol (-ℵ) has been my convention because of it’s connection to ‘before the first’, and ‘before the expectation of infinite cardinality’. Counting requires logic, which requires multiple nested cycles of sense, motive, effort, effect, and significance to be abstracted. 




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