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MSR Non-Standard Model of (Post-Particle) Physics

Developing the idea of fusing quanta and qualia physically, MSR  proposes to add the following notation:


“Qui”  (who?) would be the hypothetical ‘other half’ of the quantum wavefunction, and can be represented (obnoxiously, but memorably) by the sideways letter psi.

This signifies that aesthetic presence and qualitative appreciation (being and feeling) is orthogonal to the doing and knowing of quantum mechanics. Qui is not the measurement but the context of orientation from which measurement is experienced. It is explicitly neither wave, particle, form, or function, but neither is it non-wavelike, non-particle-like, formless, or unrelated to function. Qui is exactly what being alive is to us as human beings, except on a much more primitive level. It is the capacity to participate as an oscillating source of both animistic and mechanistic qualities.

The combined qui-psi symbol:


Represents the total ‘qua’ unit on the microcosmic scale. This approach seems fully justified under the Pansensitive approach of MSR. I have called it Quorum Mechanics, or telesemantics, but maybe the photon can be abolished using something more conventional, like telepermittivity or teleopermittivity?

On Electrodynamics:

I have been trying understand electromagnetism in what I would call ‘purely classical’ terms. I suspect that the way that physics has been taught and learned, the knowledge which has accumulated is more of a collection of facts than a deep understanding. Even the basics of electromagnetism are immediately abstracted into formulas about how electrical effects can be predicted and controlled rather than what they actually are.

I think that the way that we approach electrodynamics is similar to how a civil engineer might approach city traffic. When we want to control the flow of traffic, the density and pressure of it, provide optimal ratios of parking space to population, how the number of lanes and cross streets affects the efficiency, etc. then we approach traffic from a purely quantitative perspective. We don’t consider the individual driver pushing the accelerator, looking at the bumper of the vehicle in front of them, even though that sensory-motive interaction is the actual mechanism upon which traffic relies. Instead, we look at rates and derivatives, geometric relations, etc.

If we want to get inside of electromagnetism in ‘classical terms’ of what is happening to molecules and substances, without even talking about electric fields or vectors, etc, what would it look like? Is electromagnetism like traffic, the movement of molecules driven by an unacknowledged sensory-motive participant? I think that it is possible, even likely that is the case, and my hypothesis about light as having no literal photons could maybe be understood in these classical terms, only with a concretely aesthetic sensory-motive participation instead of mathematical abstraction.

I started with the idea that since the speed of light is derived in part from the vacuum permittivity (ε0) and vacuum permeability constants (µ0), maybe I could make things easier on everyone who tries to understand my photon-free model of light by calling it remote permittivity or telepermeability or something like that. By this I mean to show that what I suggest is no more exotic than what we already assume about matter, only that the sophistication of matter itself, of its capacity to derive perspective and distance in relation to itself is much more spectacular and interior than we have imagined in the last few centuries (Aristotelian physics was teleological, so the notion of dumb matter is not something that is an eternal truth).

In my hyper-classical thought experiment, we don’t necessarily even believe in electrons. Electrons could be more like turn signals and break lights of the cars in traffic. The model of the electron cloud shifting away from the nucleus could be interpreted figuratively, as tension, displacement of intentions as the atomic ‘drivers’ are craning their necks to look out at the entire line of cars rather than passively staring ahead. Lots of fun possibilities here, I’m just trying to make the point that we can put electricity and magnetism inside the atom if we want.

All of the vectors and scalars of physics that have been derived for prediction and control can be seen as economic ideas. Things like electrostatic fields and potential energy are like accounts in a general ledger, but the actual transactions that they refer to are sensory-motive. They are concrete expectations fulfilled and deferred – felt by some aspect of the universe on some level of description (which may be a very different description than we have under typical conscious experience or instrumental observation.)

  1. August 7, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    Really intriguing ideas here… As a Whiteheadian, I’m very interested in what you’re trying to do here. I have to read more of your posts!

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