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Two-photon interferometry and quantum state collapse

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From the paper Two-photon interferometry and quantum state collapse:


“In short, for ideal measurements both experiment and standard quantum theory imply an instantaneous collapse to unpredictable but definite outcomes.The MS [measurement state] is the global form of the collapsed state with no need for a separate “process 1” or measurement postulate. The other postulates of quantum physics imply that, when systems become entangled, their observed states instantly collapse into unpredictable but definite outcomes. In particular, Schrodinger’s cat is in a nonparadoxical definite state, alive when the nucleus does not decay and dead when it does. This solution of the problem of outcomes requires no assistance from other worlds, human minds, hidden variables, collapse mechanisms, collapse postulates, or “for all practical purposes” arguments.”

I think that this is a promising study which gives support to the MSR model. Once we take the step of questioning whether there can be any such thing as measurement which is other than a kind of ordinary sensory-motor interaction (even if it is microphenomenal),the hard problem of consciousness and explanatory gap disappear.

Seeing that it is the capacity to feel which, through its interruption, gives rise to the sense of touch, and it is the sense of touch which gives rise to touchable things rather than the other way around,  we should take the opportunity to go back and reinterpret all of the particle physics of the last 50 years – not because it is wrong, but because it is right for the wrong reasons.

If photons sense each other, how do we know that photons themselves are anything more than atoms sensing and instructing each other? This study fits with a model of the universe in which all phenomena throughout eternity is, on one level, a simultaneous sensory experience.  Within the solitude of that Absolute experience are miniature versions of the same, (such as our own human individual sense of conscious solitude). In the polarization-derived ‘spaces’ or ‘gaps’ in between these homing-monads, cat-experiences and atomic-experiences take their marching orders from each other’s presence, represented as localized ‘homing signals’. Cats and atoms alike, since they are ultimately but frozen appearances within some nesting of the global nature of sense itself (the Absolute), also receive intuitive influence from the overall event of the total interaction.

Instead of seeing photons as the foregrounded units, all of the evidence seems to point to the idea that the opposite might be true. As Hobson mentions, “The photons “knew” each others’ phase angles, despite their arbitrarily large separation. This certainly appears to be nonlocal, and indeed, the results violate Bell’s inequality, verifying nonlocality”  The so called measurement state would make more sense as the fundamental capacity of the Absolute to pretend at photon, atom, or dead cat forms. This paper takes the step of entangling the outcome of the cat and the outcome of the particle’s decay with the overall measurement state. I think a good next step is to entangle the entire presentation of cats and particles and even ‘outcomes’ to the participant’s sensory nature. It’s all entangled, even entanglement itself. In our case, as human beings, we sense cats more directly than we can sense a particle’s decay, but not as directly as we can make sense of our own thoughts and feelings about them.

Primordial identity pansensitivity (PIP) is the proposition that the capacity to experience, to participate perceptually is the ultimate irreducible universal. In Kantian terms, the sole synthetic a priori. In relativistic terms, the maximally inclusive inertial frame. Other philosophers have used terms like Absolute, Totality, Transcendental Signifier, and Supreme Monad.

The difference between PIP and theism is that PIP does not presume a human-like, or entity-like subject associated with the Absolute. Neither is it presumed that the Absolute is a field, force, vacuum, or information-theoretic phase space. The Absolute is neither local nor nonlocal, but rather the parent of that distinction, and therefore orthogonal to it .

Under PIP, the Absolute is understood to be the meta-phoric firmament within which the three ‘verses’ are diffracted. The three verses, following a Hegelian-type dialectic of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis* are phoric (directly experienced), morphic (embodied presence), and metric (abstract relation of the other two verses). In one sense, the Absolute is more closely aligned with the phoric+morphic, i.e. the collection of all presence with no absence.

From this there is a sense of omniscience, as all times and places would be ‘here and now’. Take the universe as we know it, multiply it by eternity, see all of it from every perspective possible, and remove all of the space and time from it and we would have the PIP absolute – a timeless everythingness which transcends the difference between novelty and repetition. If mortality is marked by an unbearable lightness of being, in which all experience is either meaninglessly fleeting or meaninglessly repeating, the immortality of the Absolute is marked by an unbearable saturation of meaning. All is absolutely unique and absolutely generic at once.

Ordinary sense is, on every level, what diffracts/diverges/disentangles one state from another, and one level of sensory interpretation from another. The sensation is the fundamental physical presentation, the measurement of alienated sensations (measured as photons, atoms, bodies) is derived representation. Notions of space, time, and information are meta-representations – concepts and abstractions, which themselves reflect the unity of the Absolute, but in a skeletal and figurative way.

*note that the dialectic itself is a metric abstraction which cannot be directly experienced or embodied. The actual thesis which physically exists is the phoric thesis: sensory-motive-time. Matter-energy-space is the morphic antithesis. Entropy-Significance-Aion (eternity) is the synthesis.


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