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Superpositioned Aion Hypothesis

Above, an ankh appropriated from here, superimposed on the MSR diagram. I have included Sense and Motive, reflecting the circuitous, super-personal nature of the Aion/Eternity (collective/Absolute sense) and the cross of what Bennett calls ‘Time’ (I call personal sensory awareness) vs what he calls Hyparxis (“an ableness-to-be”, aka motive participation).

“The English philosopher John G. Bennett posited a six-dimensional Universe with the usual three spatial dimensions and three time-like dimensions that he called time, eternity and hyparxis. Time is the sequential chronological time that we are familiar with. The hypertime dimensions called eternity and hyparxis are said to have distinctive properties of their own. Eternity could be considered cosmological time or timeless time. Hyparxis is supposed to be characterised as an ableness-to-be and may be more noticeable in the realm of quantum processes.” – source


  • Aion and Gaia with four children, perhaps the personified seasons, mosaic from a Roman villa in Sentinum, first half of the 3rd century BCE, (Munich Glyptothek, Inv. W504)

The word aeon, also spelled eon, originally means “life” or “being”, though it then tended to mean “age”, “forever” or “for eternity”. It is a Latin transliteration from the koine Greek word (ho aion), from the archaic (aiwon). In Homer it typically refers to life or lifespan. Its latest meaning is more or less similar to the Sanskrit word kalpa and Hebrew word olam. A cognate Latin word aevum or aeuum for “age” is present in words such as longevity and mediaeval. source


The universe seems to want to be understood both in two contradictory presentations:

1. As the timeless eternity within which experiences are rationed out in recombinations of irreducible elements.

2. As the creative flow of authentically novel experiences, whose recombination is impossible.

If we can swallow the idea of superposition on the microcosmic level, why not the astrophysical-cosmological level? Whether the universe seems to be gyrating in a direction that paints your life in a meaningful and integrated light, or it has you struggling to swim against a sea of chaotic scorns is as universal an oscillator of probabilities as any quantum wavefunction.

These fateful cyclings of our personal aion are reflected also in the micro and macro of the Aion at large . With the unintentional dice game of quantum mechanics flickering in and out of existence far beneath us, and fate’s private wheel of fortune seemingly spinning in and out of our favor intentionally just beyond us, the ultimate superposition is that of the eternal and the new.

How can the universe be a relativistic body in which all times and spaces are objectively present, and an expanding moment of being which not only perpetually imagines new universes, but imagines imagination as well? Why not apply superposition?

“In physics and systems theory, the superposition principle, also known as superposition property, states that, for all linear systems, the net response at a given place and time caused by two or more stimuli is the sum of the responses which would have been caused by each stimulus individually. So that if input A produces response X and input B produces response Y then input (A + B) produces response (X + Y).” source

The universe is generic and proprietary, eternally closed but momentarily open and eternally open but momentarily closed. It/we are always changing in some sense, but remaining the same in every other. Within the Aion, all opposites are superpositioned – bothness, neitherness, and only-one-and-not-the-other ness.

  1. Dan
    August 4, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    Hey Craig,

    It’s dan (freqflyer) from the everything list. What, under your scheme, is the principle of individuation? What is it that makes me me and not some other person? Or is there only me?

    • August 4, 2013 at 11:27 pm

      Hi Dan, thanks, interesting question. My view is that ultimately, sense is the tension between the unique and the generic, with both poles containing the reflection of the other. Sense is the bootstrap signal-which-allows-signal detection, and as such it is the embodiment of unlikelihood. It is individuation to the infinite power. Since we are all part of that one signal, in that we are able to participate in sense experience, we are all infinitely unique, yet at the same time, we all view every other participant in shades of entropic corruption towards absolute generality (the consequence of Hyparxis or Motive). Since sense is all about symmetry, it can be seen to work from both the generic view looking back and the unique view looking forward. Since we also participate in the universe as a generic object of mass, it could be said that individuation is of the utmost insignificance, and in fact the source of insignificance itself; error, mutation, and randomness.

      I know this is all very esoteric sounding, and it could probably be explained more simply, but in mathematical terms, I signify sense (which is the Absolute source of originality and authenticity, and through which all participants “share” a quality of absolute individuation to own for themselves) with the minus Aleph character -ℵ. This is borrowed from the mathematical used of Aleph ℵ for infinite cardinality. Where cardinality is discrete numbers (trivial individuation vis a vis quantitative isolation) sense operates through incardinality, the wholeness and connectivity within similarity. Similarity is a separate instantiation on one level, a literal level, but is is ‘like’ something else, or everything else on a figurative level.

      With sense, everything is not only what it literally seems to be, but it also represents a unique perspective on everything else that has ever seemed to be, and that perspective is subject to a unique pattern of spontaneous and deterministic changes as well.

      On balance, it is really the appearance of generality, of ‘some other person’ which is miraculous in the Absolute sense. How do we see non-uniqueness when all is unrepeatable circumstance? How do we see ourselves as an individual and not quadrillions of loosely related instants of experience? That’s where the sense comes in – coherence is the magic. Consciousness is not about a specialized complexity, but a pervasive simplicity of complexities…a harmony of generically relative private absolutes.

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