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Updates to Pretentious Mystical Formula

Supreme Ultimate Grand Unified Formulation

The MSR model of the universe can be expressed simply in single formula and mapped schematically in the frame set view below:


The list on the left hand side describes the “Entropic Frames”, so called because they are governed by entropic tendencies of matter divided across public space. At the top, (H←d) represents this relation, with distance d expanding in one direction only as entropy H perpetually grinds down coherent differences into incoherence and indifference. Originality and uniqueness dissolves into generic multiplicity, or at least it appears that way on this side of the cosmic balance sheet.

The role of distance d or scale is to make localization tangible, allowing larger, denser accumulations of mass, dispersing particles and also collecting them as massive objects. From an information entropy perspective, d would be understood as the mismatch of sense ranges across gaps of unfamiliarity (the metaphorical sense of ‘distance’), which leads to a loss of intelligibility and the perception of insignificance by disproportion of magnitude. It is proposed that the magnitude of this mismatch increases logarithmically from the microcosmic scales, so that what is perceived as space on the macro scale is the summary of communication/identification failures on lower levels. H←d is the attenuation of significance and also depletion of autonomy or motive.

At the bottom left, ωª denotes that frames on this Western side of the frame set are bottom-up, existential, and nested within each other telescopically. This nesting by literal metric scale is represented by ª. The intent here is to refer to all of the physical scales of functional interaction, from the microcosmic to astrophysical, as well as the sub-physical principles of logic, mathematics, and quantity which they embody. The reductive, deterministic sensibility which is governed by indifference and consciousness-less is represented by the upward arrow (), for bottom-up causality. This is the arrow of unintentional effect. In MSR, the totality of the Western conception of the universe is reduced to the formula

ωª (H←d)

The right hand side of the chart (the Eastern or Oriental half) and reverses the unintentionality of ωª .  In the public “Western” half of the chart, quanta is seen to be unintentionally building the universe probabilistically, without effort or awareness. The opposite is true for the view from the perspective of the actual participant in any given experience of the universe. The natural or naive perspective, so alien and repugnant to science in this phase of its development, is difficult to even consider as a legitimate phenomenon without risking ridicule. This should not be considered a scientific view. In fact, all functions of physics or mathematics begin with the unacknowledged presence of an observer. This observer is generally reduced to absolutely minimal significance – a single abstract position or frame of reference. Einstein saw that this was in fact only a theoretical device, and that the conditions of the observer are actually critical to the function of all physics. It is my contention that General Relativity did not go far enough, and that subjectivity is not only a real feature of physics, but that it is the primary feature of ontology. The fact of subjectivity, and its existence in the universe, literally changes everything, and the universe which contains even a single subject is the only universe that has ever been or can ever be. Physics exists within sense, not the other way around.

The guiding principle of the Orienting half of the chart then, is not the sequel to the half which exposes matter and space to subjects, but it is “ºt”, which is the original and authentic principle of top down significance and intention which precedes all spatial extension. Before there was unintention, there was intention, and before there was intention, there was sense. “-ℵ↔Ω” tells the story of sense and motive, oscillating beyond time. -ℵ plays on the use of Aleph numbers to denote infinite cardinality in mathematics. In MSR, negative Aleph stands for the underlying coherence which transcends all cardinality, all separation, and thus is the ground of being for all ‘thing’-ness and ‘it-ness’. -ℵ is ‘phoric’, the carrier of meaning and presence. It is consciousness beneath even qualia (which is generated through the ordinality of experience, which is related to significance, which is here labelled º)

Rather than distance and entropy, phenomena on the right side is governed by the opposite principles; difference, aesthetic participation, and motivation by both promise (positively charged significance º) and threat (negatively charged significance º). Just as the universe has developed different frames on which the drama of existence takes place, MSR speculates that every experience in the universe is part of a single overall experience. This proposed maximum inertial frame, known as ॐ, stands for the Absolute, or Totality, but has many other names in mystical and philosophical traditions, including Brahman, Tao and Ein Sof.  The Ankh sign is related as well, but for those who are not interested in such concepts, the Absolute can be understood simply as ‘Eternity’. A key proposition of MSR is that the Absolute is one and the same as -ℵ, although from our vantage point, the Absolute is the accumulated totality of all sense. In the strange mathematics of singularity and infinite cardinality, they are actually the same thing in the absolute sense and not the same thing in the local sense. I use the = sign also to denote sense, as a deep understanding of what that sign means gives good insight into sense itself – the translucence of multiplicity and the unity of translucence… mystical, perhaps, but no more so than the exotic ideas which populate theoretical physics and cutting edge mathematics.

The Supreme Ultimate Grand Unified Formulation specifies how the Absolute modulates, attenuates, and diffracts itself reflexively to arrive at an ‘orthomodularity’ or juxtaposition of public and private verses of itself (sense).

⊇ { ((-ℵ↔Ω) ºt) ⊥ (ωª (H←d) ) }

This sign is used to denote ‘superset or equal to, which is a good way of describing the relation of to the diffracted parts of itself (which I call ש also) that make up ‘everythingness’.

Because sense insists rather than exists, and the local sense is both identical and non-identical to the Absolute, “ℵ↔Ω” refers also to the totality of states of consciousness, aka the Multisense Continuum; the range of richness of perspectives, meanings and experience.  On this higher octave of collective sense, the Aleph symbol (-) refers to the maximally transcendental state of consciousness, in which personal significance appears  fused with the Absolute, and the presence of eternity aesthetically saturates experience. This psychedelic state, in which the ‘psychic aperture’ is blown wide open, permits a liberal superposition of eidetic-metaphorical contents. The Omega symbol (Ω) represents the converse extreme of the subjective spectrum. Where is personal fusion with artistic and trans-rational dimension of the Absolute,  Ω is the impersonal rapture of science. the canon of literal forms and ideal functions, Platonic ratios, and arithmetic-logical truths.

Getting back to ºt in this higher context, participation adds something to the frames on the right side which are lacking in the Entropic Frames. Beyond mere differences in scale which sequester the macro from the micro, the hierarchy which has been dubbed the ‘Holotrophic Frames’ presents a completely different, though related kind of nesting. The Holotrophic Frames cut across all Entropic levels vertically. Experiential ordinality, º  refers to the elevation of qualitative rank, rather than quantitative ‘file’, so to speak. This elaboration of significance and awareness is made possible through the sequential continuity of experiences (time). Phenomena like color and music are testaments to the pervasiveness of sense, and its perpetual coherence which clothes itself in new experiences that carve themselves out of eternity. A universe which contains humans presumably contains the potential for experiences which are more fantastic and more awful than a universe of only simple organisms or inorganic systems.

reflects the orthomodular/perpendicular nature between the private-phoric-trophic (“Oriental”) side of the equation and the public-morphic-metric (“Western”) side.

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