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Bergsonian-Deleuzian Multiplicity and Gaede’s Ropes


Looking at the Bergsonian-Deleuzian concept of multiplicity, I can see that it shares the same underlying dialectic as Multisense Realism. I noticed that if I add some insight from Bill Gaede’s Rope model of the atom (YouTube 04:25), I can map electromagnetism to the Continuous-Discrete framework of Bergson.

Where Gaede conceives of a literal thread across the diameter and around the circumference of the atomic nucleus, I think that it should be flipped. Rather than a literal thread I see a capacity for felt participation: ‘motive’ or maybe ‘efference’. Electricity is not a thread across the atom, it the experience of jumping from one atom to another. The atoms themselves would not look like balls of magnetic yarn, but feel like obstacles within the private sense field or ‘afference’ of each atom. This corresponds to magnetic field and Difference in kind, however, it’s a loose correspondence. Sense and motive is electromagnetism from the inside, but it is also gravity and electromagnetism, feeling and knowing, being and doing. It’s the absolute fundamental.

Electricity, in the Gaede model, would correspond to that which defines the literal, linear, direct aesthetic. The symmetry and juxtaposition across the diameter of the atom appears to us as a quantum gear shifting mechanism.  That’s because we are detecting it from the outside with other bodies, so there is always a spacetime gap to be hopped across. The loop-like aspect of the atom, by contrast It is both a spherical range of sensitivity in public space and a circuit of oscillating affect or disposition (private experience). To make a long story story short, the atom, in my model, is an interaction with continuous-private-aesthetic qualities and discrete-public-anesthetic (skipping) qualities, aka qualia and quanta. The larger cosmological picture involves the division of qualia from the Absolute (Qua), the diffraction of quanta from qualia (spacetime existence), and the saturation of reconstituted qualia (quanta existential spacetime entropy stripped out) on return to the Absolute.

This can work for a neuron as well as an atom, but again, loosely. Each frame of reference has its own unique vocabulary. A neuron is figuratively like Bill Gaede’s atom model. A galaxy or a solar system is similar also, as is the alchemical Caduceus, the chakra system, the ankh… None of them are identical, but the theme is similar. Winding and tightening, spinning and accelerating, contracting and relaxing.


  1. May 11, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    ” I am still interested why you apply a different definition to Gaedes ropes when no absolute proof of them exist. I was disappointed in the response to any questioning of them in his FB page.”

    Oh, I agree that the ropes don’t literally exist, but I think that the model can assist in conceptualizing the model that I propose, which suggests that the atom is a footprint of sensory-motor experience on the microcosmic scale. I liked the image of extension across the equator of the atom as being the electromotive effort – the polarizing binary aspect, while the magnetic-sensory affect is the cyclical-circuitous containment around the circumference. That gives it a basis for wavelength and frequency by feeling rather than by objective structure.

    I’m reaching for a way to describe how motive is binary-reductive output which incurs an entropic debt. The debt is recovered with interest as significance, through the analog-holistic sensory side of the event.

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