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Entropy, Extropy, and Solitopy

By my reckoning, ‘order’ can only be an aesthetic consideration, which further means that it is dependent on the sensitivity of a given participant. Thermodynamic entropy, therefore, while overlapping on information entropy by some measures, does not in others.

I use the example of compressing a video of a glass of ice melting to illustrate how the image of ice changing over time, being more complex and therefore requiring more resources to compress with a general-purpose video codec, defies the underlying thermodynamic change from low entropy to high entropy. If you compressed a before and after video, the after video would encounter lower information entropy in executing the compression than the melting ice.

All this demonstrates is that not every expression or description of a phenomenon can be reduced to a quantitative expectation. The optical qualities of melting ice from a macroscopic perspective are not isomorphic to other levels, perspectives, and sense modalities.

Anyhow, my conjecture uses a term ‘solitropy’ which refers to the aesthetic drive which is similar to what has been called extropy or Eros, but solitropy is conceived as a quality which is not diametrically opposed to entropy. Simple negentropy would be a reduction in noise, but would not insist on the content of the signal itself improving qualitatively. You can make the type as clear as you like, but that won’t improve what is being said. Solitropy would extend entropy-extropy into a private quality of physics, so that we would be able to formalize in physics, for instance, the difference between the entropy produced by burning down a city and boiling water.

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