The first image is from a paper called Natural World Physical, Brain Operational,and Mind Phenomenal Space-Time. I haven’t read it yet, but from the looks of the image it seems like a step in the right direction. I have cannibalized their diagram to try to encapsulate the Multisense Realism model.

The bottom half remains almost unchanged, except for the removal of Time. In the original, the assumption was that SpaceTime is objectively real, but in my view this is an obstacle to understanding the relation between the public and private ranges of physics. The center of the bullseye then, in the modified chart, is the intersection of public space and private time, such that it reflects the ordinary sense we have of the public moment being infinitely fleeting so that the only remaining residue of any public moment is sustained exclusively through private memory. If we apply a strict literal read of public realism, the presence of the past is confined to a pure fiction of human sentiment. Past events must be inferred from material evidence and reconstructed deductively (forensics, archaeology).

The bottom half of the bullseye then recognizes this truth, that in fact public realism is devoid of temporal continuity, and exists as spatially nested bodies relative to the perspective of any particular private participant. The deeper into the IPS circle we get, the more the public structures of the brain are defined by electromagnetic and chemical activity which do not make sense without an inferred Time element. At this point, the EPT phenomenology similarly takes on its distributive spatial descriptions, such that private sensory affects are accessible as public motor effects. There is no transduction or homunculus translation, no cause and effect, the hypothesis is that there is a dual or multi-aspect spectrum of aesthetics.

The top of the bullseye is much more ambitious and experimental. I have rotated the private phenomenonlogy along a z-axis to underscore that sensory-motive experience is literally perpendicular or orthogonal to spacetime. The original diagram takes for granted that phenomenal consciousness should be considered to resemble space-time. It really doesn’t. To the contrary, our spatiotemporal memories merge seamlessly with imaginary places and times, or non-places and non-times. When we are sequestered from public interactions, we lose spatial and temporal continuity as daydream dissolves into dream or delusion and realism dissipates altogether. Significantly this total loss of realism is not generally missed. “Waking up” in a lucid dream, is typically not a cause of distress where we are terrified at having no idea where our body is, but tends to be very enjoyable and we would prefer to remain in the dream for as long as possible.

I apologize for the crazy looking bicycle gears look to the EPT and IPT, but I think it gives a hint of the kind of vast multivalence which would have to be included if we were to try to model visually the nature of private physics, which is implicitly anti-form and anti-function. (I call it Transrational Algebra or Apocatastatic Gestalt).

I have tried to give the impression of the presence of the past and anticipation of the future within what I call the ‘perceptual inertial frame’ known as ‘now’. Is now today? Is it last ten minutes? Is it 2013? Yes. It’s all of those things. The pointillised gears near the left hand side are labeled with a ‘memory’ bracket, indicating the complex nesting nature of temporal nesting. You can read these words without consciously remembering how to read English, but if you recall a particular memory, that gestalt can contribute to the feeling of the now, and can combine with other recollected associations, both conscious and subconscious. The nesting of meaning does not seem to have a finite capacity, and significance is constellated apocatastatically – as a rejoining of broken parts…increasingly transparent and reflective of other significant moments rather than dense and opaque with overloaded resource demands. This is just a fancy way of saying that our conscious experience is the tip of the iceberg of a vast reservoir of experiences which extends beyond our personal lives and into anthropology, zoology, biology, chemistry and physics.

On the far left is the legend showing the extension of private experience into public presentations necessitates an anesthetic gating or attenuation of sensory affect and motor effect. This is another fancy way of saying that public space is about defining limits to your private sense of omniscience and omnipotence…literally putting you in your place among countless local and universal agendas.


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