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Neologisms For Physics

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The addition of a sensory-motor primitive in physics would entail new terms to reflect the shift away from thermodynamic and electromagnetic and toward terms which consider the distinction between private-tempo and public-spatial to be more relevant. Thermal qualities of temperature are understood to be tactile reads of the same molecular tempos (frequencies) which are read visually as colors, but they are both private signifying experiences (endophoric).

Kinetic-based measurements such as velocity and pressure are correlated to molecular tempo but from an exterior view. The public consequences of endophoric tempos are received as topographical presentations of an exometric sort (wavelengths and ranges for example). Exometrics can be frozen and analyzed as static positions and vectors.

Endophoric – A privately meaningful signal, affect, or subjective disposition based on frequency of oscillating or cycling through experienced sensory qualities.

Exometric – A public effect on embodied participants and their ‘objective’ positions (relative to one another). Measurement by scale, scope, distance, and mechanical interaction of forms.

The nature of endophorics can be understood in more detail using monochord type models such as the visible spectrum or musical scale, where frequency correlates to a specific sensed quality which cannot be described publicly. The contrast between the mathematical contexts of cardinality vs ordinality are useful here, as well as position vs disposition.

Endophorics: Affect, disposition, appreciation
ordinal qualities (significance > entropy)
cardinal qualities (unique > common)

Exometrics: Effect, position, function
quantified ordinality (consequences of coordinates)
quantified cardinality (consequences of redundancy)

Endophorics can be conceived of as tempos, tropes (to turn, alter, change), or even ‘verses’ (turns, bends). A sense of progress through cycles of tension and relaxation (wag and weigh from PIE). This is the experience sensory input, as through a read head or antenna responding to exterior conditions.

Exometrics by contrast are public measurables, based on literal rigid bodies and their figurative extension into rigid scientific indexes. Navigation, for example, compares known stable positions and ratios to local unknown variables. By isolating invariance, common sense can be established with relative independence of endophoric fluctuations.

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