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Unified Formulation

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If you want a formula, here’s what I’ve got for you at this point. I’m not saying it’s pretty (to everyone), but think of what calculus looked like to Newton’s critics (not to compare myself to Newton):

The United Formulation for the equivalence of proprietary temporal-algebraic signifying phenomenology (ℵ↔Ω) and public spatio-topological relativity (ωª) is

ॐ ⊇ { ((ℵ↔Ω) ↑ºt ) ⊥ (ωª ↓ (H←d)) }


Everything is the superset or equal to {(Psyche (multiplying through time) as ordinal qualities) juxtaposed (aka ‘versed’) against (Cosmos dividing Psyche through telescopically scaled relativistic spatial cardinality)}

TL;DR to follow:

*ॐ* stands for Asolute Totality-Singularity: A proposed maximum inertial frame : an Everythingness which exists as ground of being in contradistinction to it’s own self-diffraction. The formula explains the self-diffraction as a private phenomenological multiplication through time and public morphological division across space.

refers to the expansion of the range of possible experiences along an x axis from eidetic-metaphorical to entopic-literal phenomenology.

“↑ ºt”
refers to the elevation of qualitative rank through time. The universe which contains human society presumably contains the potential for deeper and richer experiences – more fantastic and more awful than a universe of only simple organisms or inorganic systems.

reflects the orthogonal/perpendicular nature between the temporal-subjective side of the equation and the spatial-objective side.

“ωª ↓”
is anomalously symmetric to ℵ↔Ω, such that ω is the bottom-up, outside-in perspective of fundamental particles which are nested within each other telescopically (ª), from microcosmic to astrophysical scales of mechanism. This reductive determinism (↓) presents the mirror image to the intentionality of “↑ ºt”, which motivates with promise (high º) and threat (high negative º).

describes thermodynamic entropy (H) and the arrow of time (←) which relentlessly crushes or grinds all somethings into anythings and nothings. The role of distance (d) or space is to magnify this process, allowing larger, denser accumulations of mass and wider fields of dispersal into dust.

From an information entropy perspective, “d” would be understood as the metaphorical ‘distance’ instead; the mismatch of sense channels across different scales leads to a loss of intelligibility that increases exponentially from the microcosmic scales up, so that what is perceived as space on the macro scale is literally a failure to communicate on lower levels. It is the accumulated gating of sensory-motive uncertainty (noise).

Meta and Root

Here are some proposed scale/scope relations between interior phenomenology and exterior realism. The idea that mathematics is the root of quantum physics should be clear enough without much explanation. Taking that relation literally and applying it throughout, the sense of the whole picture can maybe be understood.

Math is to QM as Physics is to Math, as Chemistry is to Physics, etc. These, I propose are convenient break points on the ‘impersonal’ range of the universal continuum. These are nested algebraic topologies in spacetime. They are the exteriorized representations of the personal range experiences. There is a presentation-representation and agent-world relation here, so that the world in which a person relates to other persons is scoped as physics (classical mechanics and thermodynamics) chemistry and genetics. The impersonal view of a person is that: genetic, chemical, and physical activity in the body. Biology, ecology, and evolution extend this world into broader dis-identification categories – evolutionary species, environmental ecology, biological anatomy.

The impersonal side deals with structures extended in public space. The corresponding agents to these large scale worlds are the ephemeral, super-personal levels of awareness. Less real, but potentially more personally meaningful; characters, influences from culture, myth, family, etc are tied to ideas of the afterlife and luck – experiences above and beyond individual control.

Taking it down to the bottom third of the chart, the correlations work here too. Quantum is the world of emotion (which I describe as quorum mechanics – quantum is ‘atomic mood’), Math is the world of qualia (i.e. the interqualitative space – trigonometric functions, symmetries, algebraic equivalence), and Logic is the world of sense (the inevitable shadow of sense cast by the interaction of multiple participants).

[Hypo-Impersonal] Evolution :: Meta (Super-Personal) Absolute
[Hypo-Impersonal] Ecology :: Meta (Super-Personal) Archetypes
[Hypo-Impersonal] Biology :: Meta (Super-Personal) Intuition

[Impersonal] Genetics :: (Personal) Significance
[Impersonal] Chemistry :: (Personal) Consciousness
[Impersonal] Physics :: (Personal) Instinct

[Hyper-impersonal root] Quantum :: (Sub-personal root) Emotion
[Hyper-impersonal root] Math :: (Sub-personal root) Qualia
[Hyper-impersonal root] Logic :: (Sub-personal root) Sense

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