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Integrating Will Into Physics

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Another stab at describing the idea I was talking about in this post. Trying to get across the notion that will or motive begins as a five dimensional feeling (relative to a 3+1 dimensional physical exterior universe). Five dimensional because a single intention (here represented by a blue glowing F*) spans an entire intentional gesture. The intentional gesture can be thought of as being squeezed through a figurative funnel which condenses the subjective impulse from 5-D to 4-D. The impulse to exert effort extends beyond the Cartesian space and time vectors with qualitative experience.

Like the fourth dimension of time, feeling is independent of the other dimensions. A 2-D cartoon does not need to turn into a 3-D sculpture to exist in time. Time is understood then as a fourth dimension but not the fourth dimension. Feeling works the same way, it is another first dimension, so that it charges times, places, objects etc with a non-computational, qualitative significance. This significance has it’s own properties which makes sense of massive computations in terms of unique and concrete sensorimotive phenomenology. A 5d quality like ‘pain’ is in some way the same but in some way specific to each individual type of painful experience and each instantiation of that experience.

By reversing this many-to-one figurative sensitivity to qualia, we can model a one-to-many literal projection of will. Our method of output, will or attention, is an all purpose qualia of engaging our active participation in the narrative of our life. One form of stimulation which we apply to everything we ‘try’ and ‘do’.

Getting this feeling out of our heads and into the world of our body entails something like a parallel to serial signal translation. The intention which arises from the cumulative entanglement of a lifetime of experience and outcomes, has no meaningful 3-D expression on it’s own. All you can see from the outside is (represented by the red F’s in the subject’s head) would be 4D electromagnetic patterns in the 3D brain. These patterns form 4-D chain reactions across 3-D tissues, limbs, and finally objects. The decision to initiate this whole chain reaction however, is not accessible from the outside. The ‘why’ is a single top-level conscious impulse which, like Mass exploding into energy, explodes into many simultaneous and sustained ‘what’ and ‘how’ events of mass acceleration…different ‘where’ and ‘when’ coordinates in time space, etc.

*Blue F = Subjective sensorimotive stimulation to pull the crate.

Red Fs = Electromagnetic view of the Blue F. What is lost in 5d figurative significance is gained in 4d linear, literal power.

Black Fs = Force. Tension applied to the crate by muscle fibers, bone, rope, etc.

m = mass of the crate

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