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Against Idealism video

February 11, 2014 3 comments

I have only scratched the surface here so far (it’s pretty long), but I wanted to post my comments so far. I think its a good video, and well reasoned, and gives me a good opportunity to explain why Multisense Realism is different and better than run of the mill Idealism.

The attack on idealism begins (around 22:00) by assuming that the fundamental nature of consciousness is identical to human consciousness. This would be analogous to saying that metaphysical realism is false because what is meant by reality requires that everything lacks perception, awareness, memory, etc. By setting the definition of consciousness at the high limit of its elaboration, we close the door on the much more sensible possibility of a primitive, sensory-motive basis for idealism which can augment itself into both meta-sensory capacities such as thought and personality as well as meta-insensitive capacities such as evolutionary and gravitational effects.

The properties of consciousness listed on the slide can be thought of as a spectrum of individuated aesthetic protocols which diverge rather than emerge from a single aesthetic meta-protocol, (what I call Primordial Identity Pansensitivity). In the same way that white light contains the implicit presence of each spectral color, Pansensitivity presents itself more completely through its diffraction – its incompleteness is a doorway to meta-completeness. To pick a slate of human qualities of consciousness to apply to the universe is a straw man setup. All that it shows is that non-humans are not human.

It does not show, however, that nested layers of non-human consciousness are not responsible for what we perceive as matter, planets, objects, etc. It does not mean that photons are anything other than opportunities for aesthetic acquaintance – i.e. bosons may be just how sub-biological experiences see each other. Fermions may be how low level experiences touch each other. Not ‘things’, but capacities to alienate and re-acquaint which are experienced on higher levels as mechanistic/probabilistic approximations. This may not be the argument of anyone but myself, so I can’t say whether your attack on idealism succeeds in popular forms of idealism, but I do understand what you are saying so far, and see a presumption there which you appear not to have considered.


Bent Pencil

May 18, 2012 Leave a comment

“Let us consider the pencil-in-water example. The representation of the pencil in your head is bent. The real pencil is not bent. That which misrepresents reality is, by definition, wrong.”

That is right in one sense, but only when you extend your naive realism (the pencil looks bent) to additional levels of biased realism (I can tell that it only looks bent, and I understand that it is possible for things to seem one way in one sense and a different way in another sense).

What this means is that when you say “The real pencil is not bent. That which misrepresents reality is, by definition, wrong.” you assume that there is a “real pencil” based purely on the bias of perceptual capacities of your human body. Your psychological capacities elevate that low level perception to a more subtle level of  interpretation (which is still a form of perception of perception) in which you can entertain a difference between a real pencil and a visual appearance.

I submit that the bent pencil is, in a sense, a much more ‘real’ pencil than the understood straight pencil in that it reflects not only the distant object of physical surfaces of a pencil and water, but it conveys a condensed encyclopedia on optics and perception which lead directly to discoverable neurological truths.

It is the simplistic interpretation of a literal reality that ‘simply is’, independent of a perceptual experience of that reality which seems to be a misrepresentation of reality.

That’s right. Fiction is primordial, fact is contrived.

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